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Friday - September 20, 2019 
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Message from the Editor

Message from the Editor

by Felecia Przybyla , Editor, Reverse Logistics Association

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 86

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Cell phone recycling is nothing new, but how often is it really happening? Each year, a billion new phones get manufactured and sold. That’s over a billion new phones out in the world each year! So what’s happening to all the old phones that are being replaced?

I know in my household alone, we have a few, very old phones, that have become play phones for the kids. We also have one or two in some drawers some place for “back-ups” in case we have an issue with our current phone. I wonder in other homes what is happening to old phones: whether they’re being given to a friend or family member, turned into an Eco-ATM, donated to a charity, etc. I just hope they are not ending up in a trash bin.

Recently, it was time for an upgrade for my cell phone. I did research to find the best deals, looked through my cell phone provider, third-party providers, and ended up purchasing my new phone directly through The reason I chose this was because I was offered $300 towards my new S8 if I traded in my old phone. I couldn’t find a deal better than this elsewhere.

I got my new phone within a few days in the mail, with a mailing label to send in my old phone. Within minutes, I cleared my old phone, resetting back to factory settings, and had it packaged in the box they sent me, and dropped it off at a UPS location the next day. It was easy! I got a great deal on a brand-new phone, and getting rid of my old phone to be refurbished or recycled was taken care of, using the same box my new one came in (cutting on packaging and waste in my home).

I love to see Reverse Logistics in action - and wish I could see it more in every device, toy, or product that is sold. Wouldn’t it be great to see this more often, not only online, but also in brick and mortar locations. I know Toys R Us occasionally offers a 25% on a new product when you trade-in your old car seats.

This is where Manufacturers and Retailers need their Third-Party Solutions Partners to help them contribute to a Circular Economy to create a Best-Practice Solution for their product they are making or selling to make sure it makes full circle. And this is what RLA is all about. Our RLA committees, RL Magazine, RLA Conf & Expos and other events are all opportunities for members to find their right partner and learn more about these best practices.
Felecia Przybyla
RL Magazine Editor
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