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Friday - September 20, 2019 
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RLA Memberís Corner

RLA Memberís Corner

by goTRG , , goTRG

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 86

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How did GoTRG find RLA?
goTRG is comprised of a number of industry experts in the Reverse Logistics industry. goTRG has been involved in the refurbishment area for 10 years working for numerous retailers. Many of the Retailers have recommended that we attend and present. In my role with some of the major retailers, in the reverse space, I recognized that this was a very underserved industry and an organization like RLA could serve a need in bringing Retailers, Suppliers, 3PL, NGOíS and regulators together to address the needs of this community.

How has being a long time member been beneficial to your company?
As a retailer for many years one of the problems with developing a best in class reverse organization is that there were not many leaders coming out of schools with knowledge in this profession. RLA membership has allowed retailers and providers the opportunity to send employees to conferences to learn from experts in many various aspects of the business. The web site gives these same employees a single location to visit to get key information and/or practitioners in the space. It helps shorten the time in which they can be key contributors to the company. For me personally I find that this is still is a very small industry and as you build relationships and as people move around the industry is give you access to an increasing number of companies and products.

What part of the RLA membership do you find most beneficial?
As a member it has always given me access to information via the web site, to what is going on in the industry and where trends are moving. As a member we are able to give others in our company access to key companies and leaders in the industry in a very informal environment.

Why do you attend our seminars/conferences, not just as an attendee, but as a participant /speaker and Board Member?
As mentioned before this is still a very small niche industry. The seminars and conferences allow you to spend time, away from work, to exchange ideas with leaders in the industry and hopefully learn best practices. As a board member and participant I think the success of any organization like RLA is for its members to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and the issues everyone faces. This free sharing of information will hopefully allow many of the providers to come up with solutions that benefits not only themselves but services the needs of Retailers and Suppliers. As a Board Member it is my obligation to contribute wherever there is a need and hopefully drive the organization in a direction that improves its fiscal status and engages more disparate consumer industries.

What at the RLA events do you find most beneficial?
The sharing that occurs between attendees in an informal setting does more for helping me understand common problems and solutions available. Having an event where key leaders from companies, representing all aspects of the Reverse Logistics space, in one location is invaluable.

Tell us about one opportunity your company has benefited from and grown because of RLA.
When I was with Wal-Mart I was serving as a Board Member. In that capacity I was able to consult with Home Depot when they were looking at setting up centralized returns. A number of years later I had an opportunity to go to Home Depot to grow the Reverse Network. Because of RLA I had a forum to meet a number of the managers that I would later have the opportunity to lead in growing a best in class reverse logistics organization.
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