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Friday - September 20, 2019 
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Ozark Electronics Repair Inc.

Ozark Electronics Repair Inc.

by Ozark Electronics Repair Inc. , , Ozark Electronics Repair Inc.

Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 88

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How did your company come to find RLA?
Ozark’s relationship started with Gailen Vick (the founder of RLA) and pre-dates the launch of the Reverse Logistics Association in 2002. Ozark was one of two 3PSPs that provided early input, feedback, market data, and research information that Gailen used to help shape the vision and mission of RLA as we know it today. At that time Ozark was contracted to multiple OEMs providing 3PL services out of the Wal-Mart return centers. Gailen became aware of the services we were offering to those OEM customers and reached out to us directly. Ozark was also instrumental in engaging and helping to secure some of the original keynote speakers and participants in the very first as well as subsequent RLA conferences that were held.

Why did your company decide to become a member?
Since Ozark was one of the first 4 or 5 OEMs and 3PSPs that provided input during the research phase, we felt the next logical step was membership and active participation in the organization.

How has being a long time Member been beneficial to your company?
The answer to this question has ebbed and flowed over time. In the last fifteen years membership in the RLA has helped our company keep up with current and ever evolving trends in the industry. There were some years where our involvement with RLA led directly to meeting the right person at the right time and finding additional opportunities for growth.

What parts of the RLA Membership do you find most beneficial?
Knowledge, shared experiences and identifying new opportunities.

Why does your company attend our seminars/conferences, not just as an attendee, but as a participant or exhibitor?
Ozark’s attendance has been driven largely by the value we perceive we are getting from our participation with and in the Association. At the end of the day there has to be some tangible return on the investment.

What at the RLA events do you find most beneficial?
I feel the three most important are;
i) A centralized meeting place where we can engage current customers, catch up on business and when the opportunity presents itself spend some time just socializing.
ii) Speakers and presentations from people and companies outside of the commonly recognized OEMs and 3PSP industry stalwarts. Fresh eyes and fresh thoughts are always refreshing.
iii) Opportunities to seed potential business and growth opportunities for our company.

Tell us about one opportunity your company has benefited from and grown because of RLA.
We were able to earn a new customer as a result of our contacts with this customer at a recent RLA event.
Ozark Electronics Repair Inc.
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