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Tuesday - September 16, 2014 
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Welcome to Reverse Logistics Magazine

Reading the RL MagazineReading the RL MagazineThe Reverse Logistics Magazine is a monthly digital publication of the Reverse Logistics Association with a circulation of 90,000 readers worldwide. Reverse logistics is a process that crosses all industries including High-Tech, Retail, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Aerospace, just to name a few.

The magazine provides the latest information regarding the various areas of reverse logistics including returns management, refurbishment, field service and warranty management.

Reverse Logistics News Highlights

Portsmouth's Recycling Program Crushes Expectations

8 September 2014 – Blue carts started showing up on curbs throughout the city, filled to the brim with plastics and cans and paper.

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Coca-Cola And Tesco Unite For Recycling Campaign

8 September 2014 – Coca-Cola and Tesco have joined forces for an online campaign to encourage people to recycle more.

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Municipalities Bracing For E-Waste Disposal Crisis

7 September 2014 – Niagara County has a TV headache. More specifically, cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions are causing some issues in local municipalities as theyre discarded and worth little to recycling companies.

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China's Toxic E-Waste Capital Is Cleaning Up Its Act

5 September 2014 – If you want to see where your old electronics go to die, take a trip to Guiyu. For two decades, PCs, phones and other electronics have been shipped to this town on the southeast coast of China, where locals in thousands of small workshops pull them apart with buzz saws and pliers to extract the valuable components inside.

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The Logistics Of E-Commerce Delivery

4 September 2014 – What differentiates the good from the great is the attention to the basic elements; the specifics; the nitty-gritties that give a bigger product the finer definition. Be it the carvings that decorate the stone walls of our great temples or the intricate calligraphy that adorn the mosques, it is true that God is in the details.

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